2021 hot selling china galvanized 3D Curved Welded Wire Mesh Garden Fence

1 Details

Curved fence, which was also called 3D fence, bend fence, 3d nylofor fence and so on.Fence netting with refined design, wide applications, convenient installation, and this kind of item is very favorable for the users.Using high quality steel as raw material, the welded panels is very plain and strong resistance strength.

The fence panels system is a modern welded mesh system. The panel benefits from two different edges; barbed and flush. Providing good see through visibility this system will not only blend into its environment but is also extremely with up to three horizontal profiles.

The 3D welded wire mesh fence system offers security but without an oppressive and intimidating appearance.

The mesh is 50x200mm, fully welded at every intersection.

The width of the panels suits post centre of approx. 2500mm

Welded wire mesh fence is available in a galvanized finish; in addition they can be colour coated in a wide choice of colors.

2 Features:

• Easy Installation

• Cost effective
• Nice looking
• Different options on color according to the using environment
• Strong anti rust and anti corrosion ability

3 Fence size: (with curves)
50mm x 100mm x 1.1m (1.53m,1.73m,1.83m,2.03m,2.23m, 2.43)X2.5m or 2.25m
50mm x 200mm x 1.1m (1.53m,1.73m,1.83m,2.03m,2.23m, 2.43))X2.5m or 2.25m
60mm*120mm x 1.1m (1.53m,1.73m,1.83m,2.03m,2.23m, 2.43))X2.5m or 2.25m
75mm*100mm x 1.1m (1.53m,1.73m,1.83m,2.03m,2.23m, 2.43))X2.5m or 2.25m

4 Post size:
This system usually chooses:
Square post 48x48mm, 60x60mm,
Peach shape post 50x70mm x1.2mm, 70x100mm x1.2mm
Mushroom posts: 48mm, 60mm with the high strength, with clips or roofing rain hat.

5 Application:

Road and Transit ( Highway, Railway, Road, City Transit )

Science Industry Zone ( Industry Zone, Sightseeing Zone, New pattern farm )

Private grounds ( Courtyard, Villa )

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